Tips for new Carers

· Recognise yourself as a carer, if you think you maybe one then you are!

· Keep a list of contact names and useful phone numbers

· Get yourself registered as a carer at the GP surgery

· Request a Carers Assessment for yourself with Social Services at local Council

· Request a needs assessment for your loved one with Social Services at local Council

· Make sure you are claiming all relevant financial help and benefits

· Make sure your loved one has all appropriate aids to make life easier

· Use pharmacy services such as blister packs, prescription ordering and delivery services

· Find out what support groups may be able to help you

· Don’t suffer in silence and always ask questions

· Keep a diary of symptoms, treatment, contacts, advice

· Recognise when you need outside help. It is not a weakness .

· If you are paying for outside help and it is unacceptable, change it!

· Make sure you have some “me” time away from your loved one

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