Carers Choices Volunteer Alan to climb the O2!

Alan Lautman has recently started volunteering in the Rainbow Centre with his wife Karen. Alan is climbing the 02 dome to commemorate the anniversary of the end of a dark period in his life. He is not keen on heights but wants to do this as an achievement and to raise funds for The Rainbow Centre. This is part of the Carers Choices Charity, and is a day Centre for adults with a variety of disabilities. This Centre is in great need of a refresh, not to mention its appetite to do much more to support these adults in social and recreational activities.

Alan sadly had his left leg below the knee amputated, this time last year due to sepsis. He was wheelchair bound for seven months and, via the Hospitals walking school, had to relearn to walk with his new prosthetic leg so he could start his “new normal” life. He only got his leg in May this year.

Alan, aged 58,has a variety of medical issues; he had a heart attack when he was just 39, and has since had a quadruple heart bypass and several stents. He also now has heart failure, chronic kidney disease, diabetes , thyroid problems, sleep apnea, Raynards disease and neuropathy. He also has only 3 toes on his existing foot.

Please show your support for him by donating whatever you can to this worthy cause.

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