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The Care Act 2014 is now in force

April 2015 saw the introduction of the Care Act 2014.  Whilst much of the new Act draws together or modifies existing legislation and good practice, there are a number of new duties and responsibilities for Local Authorities and for Care and Support Providers.

There is a new emphasis on wellbeing and individuals are placed at the very heart of their care and support, particularly carers.

The act is in response to the ageing population of the UK.  It is anticipated that three quarters of people aged 65 will need care and support in their later years.  Within the next 20 years it is anticipated that 600,000 additional older people will require care or support and that by 2030 the number of people with dementia will double to 1.4 million.  The current system is considered to be financially unsustainable.  The Act aims to prevent, reduce and/or delay peoples' needs so that they are able to continue to live independently for as long as possible and experience the greatest sense of wellbeing possible.

Finally carers are on an equal footing with the person that they are looking for in terms of support.  Support can take a variety of form including assessment of their needs as a carer, support planning and financial assistance.  The aim is to enable them to balance the demands of being a carer with their needs and wishes in other aspects of their life. To request a carers assessment please call 0845 603 7630