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Our Activity programme is run by specialist staff and includes:

Quizzes, trivia games, arts and crafts, cookery/baking, gardening, music & singing, professional entertainers, darts, pool, group games, reminiscence therapy including life story talks and reminiscence items exhibitions brought in from museums, armchair exercises, table tennis, group discussions, pet therapy, facilities such as mobile dental care, eye tests and chiropody is provided on a regular basis. 

In addition we regularly bring in our favourite entertainer Brian who provides excellent reminiscent entertainment for all the clients.

Visit by Students from Seevic College

The clients of the Silver Birch Centre in Benfleet were so happy to see and stroke the array of small animals brought in by the students from Seevic College.  The act of stroking and petting animals is a proven method of uplifting moods and emotional feelings in humans. The clients all live with Dementia and in their sometimes confusing and emotional lives the small act of cuddling and stroking an animal brings about a warm feeling of peace and pleasure to them.  That feeling will stay with them.  The students are also educated a little as to how to treat people who live with Dementia, showing them not to be afraid or to judge but respect them and show kindness.  These regular events and meetings of the two very different groups within our community with the animals too is so beneficial to everyone, it really is a ‘win win' situation.