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We are a local charity supporting carers and the people they care for.  We have done this for the past 30 years and want to ensure that people who care have the knowledge, support and choices to make their lives easier.

We provide a range of services to meet the needs of the local areas and we are constantly adding new services to support further.

The Silver Birch Centre with actor Tony Haygarth on BBC Look East - raising awareness of dementia and the excellent care we can provide.

A Carer's Tale

"I liken Alzheimer's disease to a burglar who keeps coming back, no matter how many security systems you put in place, taking more and more until there is nothing left.  It is a uniquely cruel disease that dismantles personalities and strips away the ability to perform basic tasks, such as washing and getting dressed, while triggering deeply upsetting behaviours.

My mum did everything right in her life.  Now she is being catastrophically let down by those who should be helping her

My mum did nothing to bring on her Alzheimer's, but there is no way to prevent it. That is what makes dementia so terrifying: it can happen to any of us.  When my mum was diagnosed, we were unprepared.  We should have been told what to expect and when to expect it.  My mum was given sage dietary advice, and told to do crosswords and to take exercise, but not helped to plan for what would happen if the disease took hold.

 Her deterioration was so rapid that it completely overwhelmed us.  Doctors, when you can access them, only provide more tablets, one of which made my mum extremely aggressive.  Everything we have done since has been reactive, such as obtaining power of attorney: an unnecessarily complicated and costly means of managing her finances in order to care for her properly.  Individuals with dementia and their families are essentially cast adrift, and the only sources of useful information are underfunded, over-stretched charities." 



Walking Together Sponsored Walk

On the beautiful morning of Saturday 26th September, the early birds were out in full force to take part in a sponsored walk which left the White House at 8.45 a.m. after two trees were planted to start the Community Garden, which is going to be created on the grass area at the back of The White House offices.


trustlinks walk.png


This project is a partnership between Trustlink, Seevic College and Carers Choices. In which, there will be raised flower beds and ponds, several varieties of fruits and vegetables that we will use for cooking and also to sell and also some Beehives, which we will also be able to sell some of the honey from.

The majority of the walkers were all from Trustlink, with Sarah Fogarty who represented Carers Choices; all of whom were walking to raise funds for the project. As of now, Sarah has collected about £300.00. If you wish to donate funds towards this project please do not hesitate to call us on 01268 881130, and we will keep you regularly updated with posts on our website, Facebook and Twitter sites as to the total amount raised... It's going to a brilliant cause!